Before conducting a TEDx event, it is essential for the team to make the people aware about TEDx. Following are the initiatives taken by TEDxIGDTU:


ConnecTED marked first step of the journey of TEDxIGDTU 2019. It was an orientation and welcome to all the freshers in the college, creating awareness and spreading the word about the TEDx community.

X Quest

Next in line was a fun event, X Quest, encouraging the students to guess the theme for the upcoming conference.

Diwali Fete

To expand our bases, the team also participated in the annual Diwali Fete of the college, spreading out the word to other colleges too.


Registrations open for TEDxIGDTU

A video showcasing the founders will be played

The host will start the program

Shwetambari Shetty will deliver her talk

The host will introduce the next speaker

Dr Mona Varonica Campbell will deliver her talk

A band performance to enthrall the audience

Anu Aggarwal will deliver her talk

A game of ‘Whoever has done it, sit down’ will be played

Baisakhi Saha will deliver the talk

An engaging game, ‘Crossword’, will be played


A pre-recorded TED talk will be showed to set the ball rolling for the next set of speakers

Pankaj Risbood will deliver his talk

A dance performance to enthrall the audience


Naman Ahluwalia will deliver his talk

The host will introduce the last speaker

Kanishk Priyadarshi will deliver his talk

TEDxIGDTU’19 comes to an end