The curator decides who will be speaking at the event. They also curate the itinerary for the event. Other duties include handling and managing the paperwork, including dealing with the college authorities, managing the finances and the overall OC of the TEDx event.


The organizer oversees the functioning of the event and works alongside the curators and the program management head.

Program Management Head

This person leads all production and planning for the day of the event. They oversee all of the roles happening on the day of the event related to stage management, technology, and video. They also serve as the contact with the venue’s staff, manage day-of-event activities and are in charge of ticketing and registration.

Director of Speakers

This person is responsible for identifying potential speakers for the event and contacting them. They also serve as the point of contact between the speakers and the rest of the team.

Sponsorship Head

This team member is responsible for raising money from sponsors for event expenses and managing the event’s finances. They should be someone who has experience with fundraising.

Content Team Head

This member is responsible for starting and maintaining the blog for your TEDx event, along with preparing the content for the event and speaker descriptions, which then goes on all the social media handles.

Media and Communications Head

This member takes care of all the creative aspects pertaining to the event, like designing posters and deciding the décor. They also have the important task of overseeing the video and production of the event – from managing audio and video needs to the camera operators. They should be someone who has experience in digital design.

Public Relations Head

They handle all the social media aspects of the event and are responsible for creating a strong online presence for the event. They also promote the event offline.

Website Head

This member is responsible for creating the website for your event from scratch. The website is an important component of any TEDx event since it is where all the updates and registrations for the event take place.