Ishani Pandey

Licensee and Curator
A versatile personality who loves to explore new arenas and to add something new to the college always through a wonderful mix of passion and creativity.

Mehar Kaur

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try!
Our next team member strongly believes that dreams and dedication form a powerful combination and what sets you apart is how strongly you’re willing to let yourself go to find yourself!

Shruti Kalra

void main() {
      cout << “I’ve an obsession with soup, supernatural and puns.
I’m soupunatural!”;

Sheryl Gupta

Dreams become too boring, if you don’t have the courage to chase it!
Meet our very own enthusiastic dreamer, Sheryl.
You can find her dancing with stars. She is the perfect mixture of craziness and intelligence, filling your life with madness.

Pearl Pullan

Program Head
The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dream!
A hardworking girl, who loves to make each second count.

Jahnvi Tyagi

Event Management Head
A girl should be two things, who and what she wants!
With this strong belief is Jahnvi, forever trying to right the wrongs with her quotes.

Hansika Gupta

Director of Speakers
Walking is too mainstream, why not hop all the way round.
Hopping into our lives is Hansika, the ever so optimistic person who will lift up your mood in a matter of seconds with her moves and groves.

Manasve Dahiya

Director of Speakers
If I had to choose one sentence that best describes me then it would go something like this: An enigmatic melophile who is an introvert at heart. I believe that my strength lies in my zen like energy that helps me navigate my way through this chaotic world.
I am an old soul, a wanderer, an ardent reader, a music lover, a fitness freak all packed in one person.

Sakshi Vij

Website Head
wc -l what_defines_sakshi.txt
OUTPUT: reading

    And as you may have guessed, coding with a side of never backing down from challenges.

Shivani Bakshi

Website Head
if(!tired()) {
} else {
And that pretty much sums up my life!

Manu Goel

Sponsorship Head
I am Manu Goel, Sponsorship Head of TEDxIGDTU'19 . My resposibility is to generate funds to support expenses for the event.

Aruja Sharma

Media and Communication Head
Trying to find a balance between procrastinating and doing everything with perfection is Aruja.
She will be found with a camera in one hand and food in the other; your go-to person for spreading happiness.

Harshita Kukreja

Content Head
Challenging the norms, one at a time, is Harshita.
The best book hoarder and the worst reader, she is stumbling her way through the circus of life with a book in her hand, always.

Reetinder Kaur Chowdhary

Content Head
A dedicated polyglot and a Greek mythology aficionado, Reet can be found swimming or with her nose in a book.